Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

Like every woman, I want to look amazing for my boyfriend tomorrow. So I went to the Dominican style hair salon next to my job. However, by the time I got there... it was too late for me to get deep conditioned after I washed. I could only get a leave in. So I left. Yes, I know I'm hair crazy. Whatever, I've come to terms with it so you should too. Especially if you will be reading this blog. Back to the point. So, i decided to tough it out on my own. The only reason I was really going to the hair salon was because I wanted my roots blown out. I'm about seven weeks post and the two different textures are starting to look a little bit crazy. Since I don't have anyone to do it for me. I am going to try to flatiron/blow dry my roots after I roller set. This is an experiment....

I'll post pics and tell you how it went after if I'm not exhausted.

Okay, I wound waking up early and going to the Dominican hair salon around the way. After doing my cousin's hair I was too tired. I used the Victoria's Secret So Sexy set, mostly for the scent. Trust me guys, this conditioner will attract your significant other to your hair. I don't use this conditioner regularly. Only when I want my hair to smell like it. So, I used the shampoo and conditioner. Then I used KeraCare silken seal to roller set. I then pin curled my hair after I had my roots blow out. The finished product was shiny and bouncy.

disclaimer: I'm not normally that non-photogenic.


  1. Your Fabulous!! you look Fabulous

  2. lol.... thanks. That is a nice surprise.